How to Listen?

We understand that you can’t always listen to the show in front of your computer.  We actually prefer that you take us with you on your mobile device because we don’t get out much.  That way we can accompany you on your commute, your vacation, your date or anywhere else that you’d like to take us.

Here are some ways to automatically get the latest episodes of the show on your mobile device:

250px-Podcast-icon.svgIf you have an RSS enabled application like a browser, email client or podcatcher, simply click on the RSS icon to the left to subscribe to The Surface Smiths RSS Feed.   Many podcast listening applications can also read an RSS feed so you can also use the RSS feed link if you need to manually paste the feed URL into your podcast software.



subscribe-with-itunes-buttonIf you have a iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone) navigate to this page on your devices browser and click here or the icon to the left to go to the iTunes feed for this podcast and then press the subscribe button

Subscribe on AndroidIf you have an Android device there are dozens of Apps that allow you to subscribe to podcasts.  Two of the most popular simple and incredibly easy to use free apps are Podcast Addict and Podcast Republic.  An alternative is Pocket Casts ($4). It is a very slick podcast app.  You can also try the subscribe on Android link on the left.

2364.WindowsPhone_5F00_blu_5F00_5B0525FDIf you have a Windows phone, launch the Podcasts App, swipe to Get Podcasts, type “SurfaceSmiths” in the search bar, press -> and then select the Surface Smiths Podcast icon from the search results.  Press the + to subscribe.

stitcher-logoStitcher is an on-demand internet radio service that focuses on news and information radio and podcasts. It provides free online streaming through the website and via native mobile applications such as the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm webOS.


Subscribe by EmailClick the button at the left to subscribe to the show through email updates.  It’s a great way to stay up to date in your inbox.


Of course these are just a few of the way that you can listen to us.  Feel free to suggest other ways to #SurfaceNation through one of our many interaction methods