Episode 007 – Let’s Ship It!

This week David contributes from Vietnam while Colin, Sean and Matt hold down the fort in Canada.

Experimenting with a new format for show notes that includes timings.  Let us know what you think.

1:26 – Sean received his new Surface Pro 3 with a Power Shell Blue Keyboard.

2:24 – Worldwide Partner Conference – Microsoft will make first party devices if it needs to. Is that a hint at an x86 Windows Phone?

3:15 – Sean and Colin talk about just how powerful of PC the Surface Pro 3 really is. This is the most powerful portable computer that Sean has ever had. Sean deployed a fresh install of Windows 10 – Build 10240 in 7 minutes while Colin did an upgrade. Colin blogged about his upgrade . Surface Pen only opens the Modern UI version of OneNote L

6:00 – Surface Pro 4 rumours indicate availability in late mid-2016 base on SSD order, another rumour is October 2015.

9:40 – Plug for the MS Mobile Show for more information on Microsoft services across multiple mobile platforms.

9:42 – Colin and Sean have both installed Mobile Build 10166. With this build Sean can now display his phone wirelessly using WiDi. Colin suggests that David uses the new Windows Phone recorder to record content from Asia to get past my poor internet. Editor’s Note: Or… get on a plane and fly to Tokyo where they should have great internet and not block certain social media sites!

12:00 Editors Keys, is going to send us a prototype to us for a review. Juiced Systems will be sending us a demo USB hub/SD adapter specifically designed for Surface Pro 3

15:00 Colin and David chat over a Skype connection. David lost his SP3 charger – then found it, lost in translation one could say. Colin thinks there will be an x86 phone and makes a great argument.

25:00 – We are in the iTunes top 100 (97 on July 23rd) and featured inthe  New and Noteworthy section for technology podcasts

Call-out to vendors for demos

Keep your selfie stick on the ice!

View from Colin’s veranda at the cottage where the outro was recorded

David, you actually drank this stuff??

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